International Services Program

What is Alkhidmat International Services Program?

Mawakhat Program

What is Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program?

Orphan care Program

What is Alkhidmat Orphan Care Program?

Education Program

What is Alkhidmat Education Program?

Disaster Management

What is Alkhidmat Disaster Management Program?


What is the Qurbani amount?
What means Qurbani?

Community Services Program

What is Alkhidmat Community Services Program?

Aghosh Homes

What are Aghosh Homes Alkhidmat?

Wash Program

What is Alkhidmat WASH Program?

Health Foundation

What is Alkhidmat Health Foundation?


General Questions

Does Alkhidmat Foundation only help Muslims?
Who does Alkhidmat Foundation help?
Anybody can become Alkhidmat volunteer?
what are general donations?
How can I support Alkhidmat cause throughout the year?
Do i need a acount to donate on the website?
How can I make a donation from home?
Is there a social media page for Alkhidmat?
What are the contact details of Alkhidmat Head Office?
Where is Alkhidmat Central Office (Head Office) located?
How many provincial offices of Alkhidmat?
Alkhidmat is working in how many districts?
Who is the president of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan?
Which areas do Alkhidmat work in?
Who started Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan?
What is the idea behind establishment of Alkhidmat?
What is the purpose of Alkhidmat Foundation?
When was the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan established?