Our Services

  • Winter Packages
    34,068Winter Packages
  • Qurbani Beneficiaries
    1,025,178Qurbani Beneficiaries
  • Prisoners Welfare
    2,292Prisoners Welfare
  • Food Packages
    119,949Food Packages
  • Diwali & Christmas Gifts
    12,177Diwali & Christmas Gifts
  • Wheelchairs Distribution
    7,175Wheelchairs Distribution
  • Masjid Constructions & Rehabiltation
    91Masjid Constructions & Rehabiltation

Success Stories

Alkhidmat Community Service Program

With a vision of creating a safe, educated, and healthy society, Alkhidmat Foundation has been working tirelessly for over three decades to provide basic necessities such as healthcare, education, and food security to those in need. Alkhidmat Foundation offers a range of services that include, but are not limited to: Winter Packages, Prisoners Welfare, Food Packages, Diwali & Christmas Gifts, Qurbani Beneficiaries, Shadi Boxes, Ramadan Packages, Wheelchairs and Masjid Construction.

Through its community services, Alkhidmat Foundation aims to alleviate suffering caused by poverty, physical disabilities, and imprisonment. The organization achieves this by undertaking various humanitarian projects across Pakistan. Help us make a difference in the lives of those in need. Donate to Alkhidmat Community Services today.

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22nd July, Smog Free Lahore, Mega Plantation Drive (Phase 3)
UpComing14:00 To 20:0022nd July, Smog Free Lahore, Mega Plantation Drive (Phase 3)
Location: Expo Centre, Johar Town
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