Alkhidmat Health Foundation & PIMA Conducted Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop

Alkhidmat Health Foundation (AHF), in collaboration with the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), successfully conducted a Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop in Bhimber, Azad Kashmir. This important event aimed at enhancing the skills of healthcare professionals in the critical field of neonatal care.

Dr. Abdur Rehman, the General Secretary of AHF and a renowned pediatrician, led the workshop with an engaging and informative presentation. His session provided attendees with essential insights into neonatal resuscitation, a vital skill in improving infant survival rates.

Following the presentation, participants engaged in hands-on practice using manikins, allowing them to apply the techniques they had just learned. This interactive component of the workshop ensured that doctors and paramedical staff could gain practical experience in a controlled environment.

The workshop was well-attended by a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including doctors and paramedical staff from the region. Their active participation and eagerness to learn underscored the importance of such training sessions in enhancing the quality of neonatal care.

The success of this workshop highlights the collaborative efforts of AHF and PIMA in their ongoing commitment to improving healthcare standards and outcomes in Azad Kashmir and beyond.

By Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

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