Alkhidmat Provided a Rickshaw Under Mawakhat Program

In a ceremony organized by Alkhidmat, a deserving individual was handed the key to a new rickshaw, marking a significant step towards a dignified livelihood. This event, held under the Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program, saw President of Alkhidmat Lahore, Engr. Ahmed Hamad Rasheed, personally deliver the key to the beneficiary.

The Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program has been instrumental in transforming lives, providing dignified livelihoods to thousands of deserving individuals and brave women across Pakistan. Over the years, this initiative has empowered many by giving them the means to support themselves and their families with pride and independence.

This latest event in Lahore is a testament to Alkhidmat’s ongoing commitment to fostering self-reliance and dignity among the underprivileged. The provision of a rickshaw not only offers a source of income but also symbolizes hope and a brighter future for the recipient. Alkhidmat continues to inspire and uplift communities, one individual at a time.

By Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

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