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Diamond Paints' Rs. 5 Million Aid for Palestine Relief
  • Anas Khan
  • November 2, 2023
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Diamond Paints' Rs. 5 Million Aid for Palestine Relief


Diamond Paints, a leading paint brand, has demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian efforts by showing trust in Alkhidmat, donating Rs. 5 million to support Alkhidmat’s relief work in Palestine. Mr. Mir Shoaib Ahmed, the CEO of Diamond Paints, along with Ms. Sana Ahmed, the Director of Marketing, handed over a cheque for this amount to the President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Prof. Dr. Hafeez ur Rahman.


The CEO of Diamond Paints, Mr. Mir Shoaib Ahmed, expressed his deep concern for the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and the Diamond Paints’ desire to stand with those who are suffering through supporting Alkhidmat relief work. We believe in the power of compassion and corporate responsibility. Our contribution to Alkhidmat Foundation reflects our commitment to supporting the most vulnerable during these challenging times, he stated.


Alkhidmat has been actively engaged in relief operations in Gaza in collaboration with international charities since October 7, addressing the severe humanitarian crisis characterized by pressing needs for water, food, and medical aid. With already sending Rs. 150 million relief materials to Gaza and an additional Rs. 500 million allocated, Alkhidmat Foundation is dedicated to providing sustained support for Gaza's affected population, delivering relief supplies through international agencies to the Rafah border, and welcoming the collaboration of other NGOs and corporate sectors in this critical mission.


Prof. Dr. Hafeez ur Rahman, President of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, commended Diamond Paints for their generous donation, stating, "This contribution will go a long way in providing vital aid to the displaced and war-torn families in Gaza. It is heartening to see the corporate sector actively participating in humanitarian endeavors, and we appreciate Diamond Paints' support in this critical mission of saving precious lives in Gaza through Alkhidmat.


Diamond Paints has a history of putting its trust in Alkhidmat Foundation during times of crisis. In addition to the recent Rs. 5 million donation for Palestine relief work, Diamond Paints extended its support to flood victims in Pakistan by donating another PKR 5 million during devastating floods in Pakistan in 2022. This gesture showcases Diamond Paints' faith in Alkhidmat Foundation's humanitarian efforts, emphasizing a long-standing commitment to making a meaningful impact in the face of adversity. The partnership between Diamond Paints and Alkhidmat Foundation is not just about financial contributions but also about fostering a bond of trust in the collective pursuit of helping those in need, both locally and internationally.


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By Anas Khan