Water Sadaqah Jariyah

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The Alkhidmat WASH Program is committed to enhancing access to clean water throughout Pakistan, with thousands of projects benefiting over 5.7 million people daily.

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Provide Water to Vulnerable Population

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is practically active to ensure the provision of clean drinking water by installing hand-pumps in arid lands, drilling water-wells in remote water-scarce areas, installing water-filtration plants in cities, and supplying water to homes in villages through its water schemes. Alkhidmat Clean Water Program takes every possible measure according to the needs of the water-scarce regions to implement its mission.


The Best Charity is to Give Water to the Thirsty.


Current Situation In Pakistan & Our past work

Shockingly, 70% of Pakistanis lack access to clean drinking water, leading to waterborne diseases that account for 80% of all illnesses and 33% of deaths.

Ways To Donate

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For continuous updates on our relief efforts, please stay connected with our social media handles listed at the bottom of the page

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Direct deposits or transfers can be made into our accounts at any of the bank.

Doorstep Collection

You can donate through cheques or bank drafts, simply call at 0800 44 44 8 or 0304 111 4 222 & Alkhidmat's representative will collect it.

Current Needs

Alkhidmat Foundation's WASH Program (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) is committed to addressing this issue by providing sustainable water solutions for communities in need.

Donate To Build a Clean Water Project
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Community Hand Pumps
  • Water Wells
  • Gravity Flow Water Schemes
  • Submersible Water Pumps
  • Solar Submersible Water Pumps
Installation of Modern RO Water Filtration Plant in Peshawar
June 15, 2024Installation of Modern RO Water Filtration Plant in Peshawar