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  • Loan Portfolio 2022 (PKR)
    101 MillionLoan Portfolio 2022 (PKR)
  • 2012-2022 Beneficiries
    11,2082012-2022 Beneficiries
  • Liberation Loan Upto
    PKR 100,000Liberation Loan Upto
  • Small Business Loan Upto
    PKR 150,000Small Business Loan Upto
  • Recovery Rate
    94%Recovery Rate
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  • Beneficiaries 2022
    2,232Beneficiaries 2022

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Interest-Free Loan for Poor Families

The Mawakhat program is based on the Islamic principle of Qarze-e-Hasna, which encourages Muslims to help those in need with interest-free loans. Through the program, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan aims to promote this principle as a viable model for poverty alleviation and to institutionalize the spirit of brotherhood. The Mawakhat Program is helping families and individuals alleviate poverty and promote interest-free loans as a viable model for poverty alleviation. It provides social guidance, capacity building, and entrepreneurial training to its beneficiaries, enabling them to become self-reliant and financially stable.

Your zakat and sadqat can bring hope to families in need, empowering them to become self-sufficient. Donate now to Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program and help us fight poverty and make a difference in someone's life today.

Farmer's Rehabilitation & Alkhidmat
December 24, 2022Farmer's Rehabilitation & Alkhidmat
Survival Between Hope & Harsh Winter
December 9, 2022Survival Between Hope & Harsh Winter
22nd July, Smog Free Lahore, Mega Plantation Drive (Phase 3)
UpComing14:00 To 20:0022nd July, Smog Free Lahore, Mega Plantation Drive (Phase 3)
Location: Expo Centre, Johar Town
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